About Limonta

Formed in 1955, it is one of the top firms globally in its sector. In Europe it is one of the most comprehensive in its services, given that it is one of the very few firms to have its own in-house production lines for coating, flocking, resin impregnation, coagulation, and inkjet as well as a wide selection of plant for textile finishing processes. It produces fabrics for clothing, leather goods and accessories, and works in very close contact with the most important fashion designers.

The Limonta Group focuses on innovation and creativity, with expertise in the textile industry and in the field of fashion, furniture, sport and automotive. The attention devoted to its products and the excellent quality achieved, both technically and aesthetically, combines with passion for unceasing innovation, in terms of products, processes and technological solutions, always in the name of a distinctive, purely Italian style.

The quality of Limonta Sport products is the result of a complete journey which begins with the careful selection of raw materials and strict controls over input, and develops throughout the entire production process, right up to packaging, transport, delivery of the product to the construction site, site management and post-sale assistance. Such a journey is markedly a series of strict control procedures and standards to be met at each stage of production.

By focusing on product and process innovation, one the one hand Limonta Sport makes use of the most modern and automated production technologies, that guarantee consistent and excellent results, and on the other hand the experience, skills and professionalism of the staff, whose work is aimed at ensuring the final product's perfect compliance with the customer's specific needs and requirements.

Limonta Sport inherited the values of reliability, quality and attention to customer needs from the Limonta Group.

Since its foundation it has undertaken an evolving path of growth, which, on one hand, aimed to differentiate and expand its services and expertise in an ever increasing range of sports and, on the other hand, to develop the best solutions, according to the needs and together with sector Federations and professional clubs.

Today, the aim of research activities is to introduce systems that are increasingly safe, high-performing, durable, and environmentally friendly, with high involvement in innovation.