The production process of down and feathers

Over the years Minardi Piume has developed a highly technological process to produce top quality down and feathers.

This process starts with a series of de-dusting, washing, rinsing and drying cycles to sanitize our products and give them their distinctive and unique features of cleanliness.

The high washing temperature and the long washing time ensure a perfect sanitization of all our products, which are non-allergenic and comply with the strictest international standards.

The process ends with the sorting cycle, during which down are sorted out from feathers: down -which is lighter- is blown up by airflow and flies away.

The production capacity of our machines is 12000 kg/day, enough to fill three Olympic swimming pools in one week!


The most precious part of ducks’ and geese’ plumage: a soft and light cluster, which ensures a perfect thermal insula-tion, keeps moisture under control and offers maximum comfort.

Small feathers

We select only the softest and smallest feathers to ensure high resiliency and thermal insulation, thus offering a natu-ral and long lasting filling.

Vegetable fibres

We collect only the softest vegetable fibres with top thermal properties.

Sinthetic fibres

We offer a wide selection of pure or blended synthetic fibres to meet the needs of our clients.


We provide a wide selection of fabrics accurately chosen and tested to enhance the characteristics of our fillings.