Our Philosophy

"To achieve much, we must not only act, but dream; not only plan, but believe."
(The Jurins motto).

Translated from Latvian, the word “Jums” means “For you.” This respectful address immediately demonstrates the major idea of the brand - we try to make clothes convenient for each of our customers. To this effect, we have developed patterns not only for traditional sizes, but also for different heights. Thus, our prêt-à-porter samples become as close as possible to bespoke tailoring.

We live by the cold and windy Baltic Sea and know well how people want warmth in dank weather. Therefore, we try to heat them with our warm down jackets, for the creation of which we choose natural down and fur.

Following modern technologies, we began to use Recycle fabrics for our collections. 85% of our garment is now made of nature-friendly fabric certified by the International Organization for Environmental Protection. We sew both for adult and the youngest urbanists. We well know that the inhabitants of big cities dream of standing out from the crowd, but at the same time they want to maintain maximum comfort for themselves.

All for you, our dear customers! Accept our warmth, share with us positive emotions from stylish and high-quality Jums clothes! Become a part of our family!