About Us

JUMS: „To reach much, we have to not only work but dream; not only to plan but trust”.

The history of JUMS Company is a history of people who believed in the dreams and could make them reality: in 1987 with the professionalism and determination of two people, the Company was born.  

In 2000 JUMS takes leading positions in the Russian market. By the end of the first decade the firm promptly grows and in 2011 starts production of a „JUMS Concept” collection of down clothes segment.

The love to business and persistence of founders of firm brought the results and in 2013 the second generation of heads begins production of a „JUMS Kids” collection.

JUMS is nothing but your choice in favor of individuality. In this feverishly developing world, many things just do not have time to reach a real maturity. And only absolute uncompromised in regard of quality, with allows using of exclusively selected high-class materials and exclusive articles, makes products from JUMS an invariable visiting card of good taste. Reasonable aesthetics and individuality – such is the philosophy of style from JUMS, which itself exerts its influence upon fashion and time rather than is a current product of fashion.

During more than 25 years, JUMS Company manages to retain the equilibrium between conservative and cardinally new things. Our philosophy is not determined by following a fashion. It is much more important to meet the needs of present time. So, the most significant for JUMS is manual treatment, because only it can guarantee optimum comfort, visible quality and high class. Lightness and comfort can be felt in any and all products from JUMS. Each fabric is exclusive in its origin, and each detail has exquisite finish.